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Out of over 4 billion internet users worldwide, more than 3 billion have their own personal social media accounts. Recent statistics show that more than 50 million businesses make use of social media pages for their businesses, allowing potential and existing clients to remain informed and providing an online platform for communication. Social Media is an important marketing tool available to small and big businesses as a fast and inexpensive way to effectively market your services and products.

Nowadays, your company's social media pages are as important as your website when it comes to establishing an online presence. By creating a more personalized experience for your customers online, you can humanize your brand and create meaningful impressions. Social Media develops and improves regularly through customer feedback and community engagement and is also an excellent way to increase website traffic, generate leads and better understand your competitors. Virtual Design' offers comprehensive Social Media services to a range of clients in Cape Town. Allow our creative team to manage your company's social media presence, ensuring great results and making excellent impressions.

Over 70% of consumers who have had a good social media experience with your brand are likely to recommend your products or services to friends and family. At Virtual Designs, we understand the importance of logging into your company's social media accounts every day to respond to messages and comments, as well as share industry insight, promotions and exciting deals, relevant blog articles and more about your business. We have a team of social media experts who can help set up your social media accounts. We can manage your business pages over platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and even LinkedIn.

Social Media Benefits

  • Brilliant Communication Platform
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Generate Leads
  • Share Important Information Instantly

Social Media Clients

Air Agents - Property Management in Cape Town

Air Agents

Services Used:
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Social Media Management for Holiday Apartments

Holiday Apartments

Services Used:
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Social Media Creation and Management for Virtual Media

Virtual Media

Services Used:

Social Media Management for Mopps Cleaning Service


Services Used: