CRM and ERP Development

ERP and CRM Development

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Development

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is essentially a system that is able to unify the various functions that form part of your business with the result being simplified processes, less room for error in day-today undertakings and more transparency overall. Across South Africa, more and more companies are incorporating the use of custom built ERP systems into their workplaces, with great success.

By utilizing the many advantages of an ERP system, you as a business owner or manager can integrate various areas of your business such as planning, inventory, sales, finance and human recourses (depending on the nature of your business). Although every company functions differently and makes use of various systems from one department to the next, a well constructed ERP system allows information to be shared more easily across the company and eliminates many of the stresses that regularly occur in modern offices.

In many cases, successfully applied ERP Systems have resulted in a more efficient work environment, as well as more profitable results to the company and great ROI. At Virtual Designs, our team of dedicated ERP experts are well versed in developing well-rounded and multi-faceted enterprise resource planning systems and are able to customize an ERP system to best suit your company's exact requirements.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Development

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. In many modern workplaces, companies make use of customized online CRM systems for solutions in sales, communication, marketing and even in-house processes. At Virtual Designs, we have a team off highly skilled CRM developers who are able to offer a complete solution to your business and excellent ROI.

By utilizing a well constructed online CRM system in your workplace, you are able to ensure that all company sales and servicing records are maintained in one secure and centralised location, while having a CRM system in place also minimizes the chance for human error. Our professional CRM development team can assist in customizing an online CRM system that is perfectly suited to your requirements and business type.

The objective of an online CRM system is to assist with workflow automation, lead management and even HR management, depending on the nature of your business and needs. We will ensure that your CRM system remains connected and organized in order for users to access all the necessary information they may need.

CRM Development can also assist your company through automating processes that take up too much time in the workplace, by tracking productivity and even accessing information that was recorded into the system by staff from various departments. CRM software allows business owners to more easily manage a broad set of applications from the comfort of their own computer, in their own time. Through Virtual Designs CRM development services, companies can improve customer services and relationships in a cost effective manner.

ERP/CRM Benefits

  • Less Human Errors
  • Saving Time
  • Full Control
  • Save on Staff

ERP/CRM Clients

ERP Development for In His Name, a NPO in South Africa

In His Name Ministries

Client Comment:
A great online platform where we can manage all our donations as well as orders.

ERP for all stock and future jobs.

Mopps Cleaning Service

Client Comment:
We could not have operated without this perfect system. All our work, stock and appointments in one place!

ERP Bookkeeping System made easy.

Heather Rabie Properties

Client Comment:
Your system made our life as a small company so much easier. Now we can't miss any appointments and payments.

CRM System for Holiday Accommodation Company

Blouberg Holiday Rentals

Client Comment:
The ERP has revolutionized the way I run my business and allowed me to integrate my entire business on platform.