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Logo Design

Your company's brand is incredibly important and is first and foremost represented through the logo you choose to use. The logo of your company should tell a story about your brand and/or services and will be showcased across various online and offline platforms and devices, serving to communicate your brand values and style.

The most important role for any company logo is to identify – this can be indentifying the services, products or person behind the company name. Virtual Designs offers professional logo design services in Cape Town and we can work closely with you to present logo design options that will perfectly capture the essence of your brand. Your logo will become the face of your brand and will also allow your customers to establish instant brand recognition with your specific products and services. Often, the message received by the public through your logo will play a big role in a client's decision to make use of your services or purchase your products.

Not only should your logo be unique and captivating, it should also be professional and relevant to your company. At Virtual Designs, we take the time to understand our clients and we make it a priority to deliver timeous and impressive results when designing a logo for your business. Whether your brand is playful and fun, corporate and structured or a combination of both, we can bring it all together for you in one simple, effective and memorable company logo.

Once the logo design process is complete, our Virtual Designs' team will present you with all the high quality live files, which you can then apply in multiple formats and across various platforms to serve and represent your brand. Virtual Designs can also assist in the redesign of existing company logos, keeping to the original style while adapting it to reflect the changes of your company and its services throughout the years.

Professional Logo Design

  • Vector logo for any size
  • Saved in most formats
  • Saved in any size
  • Can be used for web or print

Logo Design

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