Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design for SEO and Google Ads

Landing Page Design

There are numerous benefits that come with utilizing Search Engine Optimization landing pages (SEO landing pages), PPC (pay per click) also known as Google Ads in your company's online marketing campaign. Landing pages drive a targeted online audience to a page built on your website, aligned with content that perfectly matches the online search of the user at the time.

By setting up well constructed SEO landing pages on your website, potential clients experience your sight more effectively and are more likely to make use of your services or purchase your products online. Already working with a large client base located in Cape Town, our Virtual Designs team of developers can assist you in editing, managing and tracking the progress of these landing pages, while our copywriting department can create quality content that focuses on specific keywords and phrases relating to your industry. A landing page is a great way to attract visitors to your page and engage them with relevant content that is exactly in line with their online search - there is also a higher chance for online conversations when a visitor reaches your website through a SEO landing page, instead of navigating through your site themselves.

Landing page content can combine generic keywords and product/service specific keywords and can also offer a call to action, making it easy for the page visitor to get in touch or purchase a product in moments. Optimized landing pages with relevant, high quality content will also improve your page ranking on Google and other popular search engines.

Landing Page Benefits

  • Optimised Pages
  • Specific Products & Services
  • Cheaper Cost Per Click
  • More Traffic
  • More Enquiries/Sales

Landing Page Designed for Clients

Landing Page Created for Holiday Apartments for SEO and Google Ads

Holiday Apartments

Services Used:
1 of various fully functional landing page created for Holiday Apartments specifically for Google Ads.

Mopps Cleaning Service Landing Page created for Google Ads

Mopps Cleaning Service

Services Used:
Static HTML landing page created specifically for Search Engine Optimization purposes.

Landing Page Created for Hello Garden Route for SEO

Hello Garden Route

Services Used:
WordPress developed landing page with relevant properties for SEO purposes.

DFS Process Solutions Landing Pages for SEO

DFS Process Solutions

Services Used:
Landing page created for Search Engine Optimization with great results.