Airbnb Property Management Website Design

Custom CMS, Responsive Design, Airbnb API

Project: Airbnb Management Website

Client: Air Agents

Using a custom made CMS, our experts Virtual Designs' team built the Air Agents' website in PHP and the results speak for themselves. Air Agents communicated the importance of reaching as many potential clients as possible through their site, which is built for home owners with Airbnb properties that require property management and advertising solutions.

The Air Agents' website was built in PHP through the use of a custom designed CMS system, ideal for showcasing their many services in the best way possible. With an easy to use FAQ section and contact form, potential Air Agents' clients are able to get in touch online or find answers to their questions in good time. Creating a custom built CMS proved successful with the development of this website, as it allows the Air Agents' team to manage their content easily and efficiently. This custom system is also great for improving search engine optimization strategies, allowing new SEO pages to be added to the website as needed.

The website features a section for reviews, a portfolio linking off to properties on Airbnb, an API from Airbnb pulling information to the site and a section for reviews. Our copywriting department met with Air Agents to deliver copy for the website and also does the research and copy for the blog posts featured on Air Agents' site. Additionally, Virtual Designs also set-up and manage Air Agents' social media pages, including Facebook (these pages can be reached through the social media links on the website).

Web Design Services Used On This Project

  • Responsive Website
  • Custom CSS
  • Blog
  • AirBNB API
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Manangement
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