E-Commerce Activities Website Design

Laravel and October Content Management System Website Designed for Activity Hub

Project: Laravel & October CMS Website Design

Client: Activity Hub

While working with the professionals at Activity Hub, our Virtual Design’s team were able to be creative as well as technical in our approach for designing their website. Activity Hub is a unique online platform that allows tourists and those discovering South Africa to search for and choose from an array of online activities, as well as book and pay for these activities online.

In order to present Activity Hub with a finalized website that was visually distinctive as well as easy-to-use, it was important to create an engaging and attractive site which clearly showcased the diverse attractions to visitors from the moment they entered the homepage. Travellers on the go will appreciate that the website was developed as fully responsive, fitting perfectly to the screen of any device used to browse it through, from Smartphone to tablet or laptop. Our web development team used Laravel to develop the website and then built onto the site using an October Content Management System (CMS), allowing the Activity Hub team to easily log in and update their web content from anywhere. Each featured activity features a description, activity information, live availability and, for some activities, enquire now functionality.

Activity Hub also utilized our Virtual Designs online marketing services such as Google Ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), improving the visibility of their website for online searches and remaining highly ranked on Google. Our creative copywriting department continues to work with Activity Hub to add new and relevant content to their website, while the website also adds a social element by linking off to Activity Hub’s social media pages.

Web Design Services Used On This Project

  • Laravel Development
  • October CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Activitar API Feed
  • Activity Bridge API Feed
  • Mygate Integration
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