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WordPress Responsive Website Development

Project: Pilates Website

Client: Y M Pilates

The development and design of the Yvonne Marais Pilates website allowed our team to be creative and technical throughout the project. The client was clear when explaining to us the intention for their website - to showcase the various Pilates offered and also displays an accurate and up-to-date timetable of upcoming classes to website visitors.

Virtual Designs developed the Yvonne Marais Pilates website using a WordPress Content Management System (CMS). In order for website visitors to consistently enjoy a quality experience when browsing the site, it was built responsive and our team ensured that all the contact forms were easy-to-use. The site also makes use of an external CSS, a style sheet that is often used by developers to make changes on multiple pages. The website was created to be visually attractive and follows a colour scheme and style that reflects the services offered by the client, Yvonne Marais Pilates. As a CMS, the team can make the necessary adjustments to the timetable featured on the site, or else update the sites images and content without effort.

Web visitors can sign up to the client's newsletter by inserting their email address on the site, or else fill out the standard contact form to reach the Yvonne Marais Pilates' offices directly. The social media links on the footer of the website redirect visitors to the client's social media pages, which is an excellent way for clients to gain more followers to their company's social media accounts.

Web Design Services Used On This Project

  • WordPress CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Updatable Time Table
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