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Project: Laundry and Dry Cleaning Website

Client: Laundry Inc

Laundry Inc provides a host of laundry services to clients ranging from households in surrounding areas to guesthouses and hotels in and around the city centre of Cape Town. The primary objective when creating the Laundry Inc website was to make favourable impressions to web visitors, provide information on their various services, reach as many potential clients as possible and ultimately increase Laundry Inc's profits.

Using HTML 5 and CSS to develop the website, our Virtual Designs team were able to create an attractive and organized Laundry Inc site that we continue to improve on every month – we also made use of an external CSS to simplify the updating process. The website is very user-friendly and was built to be responsive. The site features a contact form and also showcases social media links, in order for website visitors to be redirected to Laundry Inc's various social media accounts.

Our SEO specialists and copywriting department are kept on a retainer to create new SEO pages for Laundry Inc every month; this involves regular discussions with the client and consistent monitoring of their performance across various search engines, including Google. Laundry Inc has enjoyed great ROI and we continue to collaborate with them on new ideas for their website in the future.

Web Design Services Used On This Project

  • HTML 5 & External CSS
  • Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
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