E-Mail Newsletters & Bulk Sending

E-Mail Newsletters & Bulk Sending

Sending Bulk Email as well as E-Mail Newsletter Designing

Custom designed HTML newsletters including logo, slogan, text and images with your important message linked directly to your online website and products to all your subscribed email addresses.

We are able to send to up to 100 000 email addresses all at once by a click of a button with full statistics as well as analytics to see exactly how many people opened your email newsletter and how many went from there to your website.

Your benefits by sending out Bulk E-mail Newsletters are brand awareness by reminding your potential clients what you have to offer and getting their trust in your company as well as offering them your specials.

Bulk Email Benefits

  • Custom Designed Email Newsletters
  • Sent without using your Bandwidth
  • Option of Full Analytics on Newsletters
  • Full Reporting and Tracking
  • Direct Marketing to Thousands at once